Sightseeing Volunteer Guide

ASUKA is the place where old capitals were established. (1400 years ago) 

And in that period, the Base of Centralized and Constitutional Nation was built.

Therefore, we can say, ASUKA is a Birthplace of Japan.

Now, you will find many remains of structures built during the Asuka Period.

Please come to enjoy sightseeing in ASUKA, with our Volunteer Guide.

He will introduce you the Charm of ASUKA, please enjoy.


You can enjoy walking in ASUKA.   Also, if you like, you can do by Cycling Tour.

Asuka-dera Temple

Inabuchi Tanada Terraced Rice Fields

Ishibutai Tumulus

Tobiishi Stones of the Asuka River

Guide Tour Application

To the person who requests for a guide:

Before you apply for a guide, please read and agree with the following matters:


  • We can accept your request from 1 person up to group of 15 persons.
  • We accept the Guide in English and in Spanish as well.
  • The charge of the guide is : No charge (freevolunteer guide), but we request you to pay 3,000 Japanese Yen for a transportation fee of a guide and expense involved.
  • In case you are a group, we serve a guide for maximum 15 peoples.
  • In case the time of a Walk with our guide goes over 12:00, we request you to prepare a lunch for the guide, or we request you to pay 1,000 yen for the meal expense for a guide.
  • When we enter in some temples or facilities, please pay for the Entrance fee.
  • We cannot be held responsible for the loss caused by accident to the guests during the tour.
  • We recommend you arranging your own Travel Insurance in advance.
  • In case of cancellation, please inform us by 5 days before your guided tour.

If you agree with all the above, please fullfill the Guide Request Application.